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Your Journey with Us

A comprehensive walkthrough of our process

You're in Safe Hands

The decision to consider treatments is not to be taken lightly. At Stirling Aesthetics and Laser we feel it is really important for you to understand the process and offer you all the re-assurance and aftercare you need to feel comfortable with your treatment plan. 

We have worked with clients for 8 years and as qualification medical practitioners, you can be sure you are in safe hands.


Stirling Aesthetics and Laser offers a free no-obligation consultation with our professional medical practitioner. Here you will have the time and space to confidentially discuss your areas of concern. Your practitioner will assess you to establish the cause and offer you expert advice to help decide the most suitable treatment for you.


Your practitioner will fully explain each treatment they have suggested and give you time to decide whether you would like to proceed. If you decide to proceed your will be provided with pre-treatment information about how to prepare for treatment such as, no alcohol 48 hours prior, no make-up to be worn that morning if having facials, what to expect in regards to recovery time and aftercare and more.

The Day of Your Treatment

Your practitioner will greet and sit with you and complete your medical and consent forms, we will check that we have all up-to-date records to ensure safety. Your practitioner will apply topical anaesthetic cream, if required, and clean your skin once numbed. You will then have your pre-treatment photos taken (which is essential to any treatment and will be securely stored under Data Protection Laws).


You will be made comfortable and for some treatments will be provided with a mirror, this way you can have a little glace of your progression, we feel this reassures newbies and allows you to have more control over your treatment. We can stop/pause at any time during your treatment if you feel you need to, although this is unlikely as Stirling Aesthetics & Lasers provides a reassuring, safe and minimal discomfort procedures.



You will be fully briefed about aftercare, but you will also receive aftercare information via your preferred contact (paper version, email, phone). This will offer you reassurance on what to expect, what is normal and what is not or uncommon. You will have a line of communication and a management plan for very rare complication times.

Peace of Mind

You will never be unsupported here at Stirling Aesthetics & Laser, we pride ourselves on safety and excellent results.

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