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Laser Hair Removal

Pain free hair removal treatments

Smooth Results, Every Time

Unlike waxing, threading or other laser treatments, the Lynton Laser gives 'pain free' treatment using cutting edge technology. 

This life changing treatment can remove hair permanently reducing the need ongoing treatments. After a full course of treatments, enjoy smooth, silky skin forever!

The Leading 'Pain Free' Laser System

Lynton Lasers are the UK no.1 for medical-grade aesthetic technology. Developed and manufactured in Manchester, Lynton pride themselves of offering a high quality laser and the most comfortable experience for the client



The Future of Hair Removal

Feel the EVOLVE Diode Laser difference with the revolationary IceTip™ contact-cooling handpiece; a technology which offers superior safety and epidermal protection. Reaching -8°C in temperature, IceTip™ Technology continuously cools the skin during treatment, dramatically reducing discomfort and aiding the EVOLVE ‘pain-free’ hair removal.


The market-leading temperature allows practitioners to use higher fluence (power) than traditional Diode Lasers, helping achieve superior clinical results from the very first application.

Laser Treatments

Test Patch


Required for suitability

Micro Areas

Course of 8 £240

Top lip, chin, brows, nose, ears, navel, knuckles, toes

Small Areas

Course of 8 £480

Under arms, bikini line, hands/feet, lip/chin, back of neck, front of neck, side of face

Medium Areas

Course of 8 £840

Full bikini, half leg (lower), forearms, abdomen, buttocks, shoulders, chest

Large Areas

Course of 8 £1200

Upper leg (thighs), full back including shoulders, chest including abdomen, full arms

Extra Large Areas

Course of 8 £1,680

Full legs, full back & chest including shoulders

Full Body - Men

Course or 8 £4,800

Head to toe

Full Body - Women

Course of 8 £3,600

Head to toe

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