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ClearLift Facelift with Harmony

Known as the lunchtime Facelift

ClearLift Facelift Treatment

ClearLift commonly known as the lunchtime face lift, is the Harmony’s most popular treatment. The ClearLift laser works beneath the skins surface, removing pigmentation whilst stimulating elastin and collagen production, leaving the surface layer completely intact and therefore requiring no down time.

How does ClearLift Facelift work?

Harmony XL Pro’s award winning applicator ClearSkin, is designed to gently rejuvenate the skin whilst effectively treating oily skin and all types of acne.

Skin rejuvenation, skin laxity & wrinkles, tattoo removal, benign pigmented

lesions, reduce dark eye circles, improve uneven skin tone, improve mild scarring, reduce skin redness.


Test Patch


Full Face

Course of 6 £1152

Full Face and Neck

Course of 6 £1872

Full Face, Neck & Décolletage

Course of 6 £2352

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