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ClearSkin by Harmony

Skin Rejuvenation

ClearSkin by Harmony

Harmony XL Pro’s award winning applicator ClearSkin, is designed to gently rejuvenate the skin whilst effectively treating oily skin and all types of acne.

How does ClearSkin work?

It is the first technology of its kind combining a high power non ablative laser with a vacuum and contact cooling. This allows deep penetrate of the skin destroying acne bacteria, reducing sebum production whilst simultaneously stimulating collagen production. Its precise energy delivery system ensures optimal results whilst minimising discomfort.

What is this treatment for?

Acne scarring and acne hormonal, skin tone and texture improvement, skin rejuvenation, lip rejuvenation, enlarged pores.


Test Patch


Half Face

Course of 6 £432
Course of 12 £768

Full Face

Course of 6 £810
Course of 12 £1440

Other areas such as back will be assessed at time of consultation

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